Crisis Leadership

When faced with a crisis, humans are forced to think and behave in ways that feel unfamiliar—this applies to our leaders as well. Crises demand that leaders take an emergency response plan and adapt that plan as unexpected events unfold. To be a truly effective leader, one must remain calm and maintain a sense of perspective for themselves and others.

There is a lot of great information available out there on how to lead during a time of change. Most of the information is not very specific. For example, you’re reminded of the importance to communicate, but no one tells you what to say, how you should implement changes in process or protocol, or how you get buy-in from patients and staff.

At Fuel Medical, our goal is to help you answer these questions. With our e-book and brainstorming tool, we explore the psychology and emotions around change and how it affects human behavior. Once you understand that, it will help provide guidance on how to approach some of the changes you will be dealing with as a leader.

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